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The Difficulties of Learning English As Perceived By a Group of International Students: A Case Study (Published)

This study investigated the challenges of learning English encountered by a group of international students while learning in an intensive English program at a large Midwestern American university. One tenet underpinning this study is that social learning plays a crucial role in L2 learning because it enables learners to be actively engaged in the language learning process. Twenty students (9 graduate and 11 undergraduate), were chosen randomly from the intensive English program to take part in this study. Their ages ranged between 19-26 years, and they came from different countries, including Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Ghana, Nigeria and Algeria. The study used information gathered by means of the qualitative research method of interviewing. The findings of the study showed that social interaction is one of the major difficulties confronting international students learning English. Difficulties in terms of oral production, comprehension, pronunciation and using the correct lexicon.

Keywords: Education, English, International student, Language, Learning


This study focuses on the effect of television on international students of Anglia Ruskin University in terms of English speaking skills, knowledge of British culture, change of the type of food, and also the change of type of music. Thousands of students enter UK every year to study. These students, who come from different parts of the world, speak different languages and also have different culture. It was based on this that the researcher decided to undertake this study to identify the level of influence British television has been able to impact in the lives of the international students. Data were collected from 124 respondents through an online survey. The findings helped to understand the television viewing pattern of international students and the channel mostly viewed by them. The results confirmed that each international student has a need which they sought for gratification of those needs by watching a particular TV programme. The researcher also relates the study with both uses and gratification theory and cultivation theory. These theories formed the theoretical framework of the study. The researcher also made recommendations for the policy makers in the TV industry in UK who would like to produce and broadcast programmes that will not be culturally specific so as to appeal to a large audience of different nationalities. These recommendations, if implemented will go a long way to further improve the British TV industry.

Keywords: British television, Cultivation, International student, Uses and gratification