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Symbolic Interactionism from Theoretical Origin to the Role of Social Interaction and International Integration (Published)

Weighting scale symbolizes justice. Heart symbolizes love. Pigeons symbolize peace. All these ideas are formed through the common symbolic system of humankind, transcending barriers of language, culture, ethnicity, competence and qualifications. They become tools for the formation of social interactions between individuals, communities, within a country or internationally.

Keywords: International integration, social interaction, symbolic interactionism, theoretical origin

Analyzing Factors Affecting Tourism Sustainable Development towards Vietnam In The New Era (Published)

This empirical study was conducted by qualitative approach to study the influential factors such as environment, society, economics affecting to the tourism sustainable development for Vietnam in the new era. The author collected the experts’ opinions to discuss and presented scale to measure the above factors. Basing on this study, the future researchers can apply this to study by quantitative method to verify the reliability of the scale and test whether the three above factors and observed variables are grouped into each factor or there is other latent factor as well as tesing the reliability of the research model. In addition, the author suggested the policy makers, leaders of ministry and departments of culture, sports, and tourism to apply this study to plan and implement policies to develop Vietnamese tourism in the context of international integration as well as satisfy the tourists coming to Vietnam.

Keywords: International integration, Policy, Sustainable Development, Tourists, Vietnam