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International Legal Framework and Animal Welfare: Participation of Bangladesh (Published)

Animals are significantly important for our mother earth because the existence of many species depend on the continued survival of others and it is predominant to ensure the conservation and sustainable management of animal resources. This research work tries to kindle on the existing international initiatives covering animal welfare, nevertheless a comprehensive and universal global treaty may not be proved effective in all aspects of international initiatives will be proved useful in case of migratory animals, endangered species and trading of animals whose range extends beyond national boundaries. This research work analyses the current situation and achievements to date of the major international instrument in addressing the threats posed wild animal, marine animals, domestic animals and migratory species. This article also tries to explain the challenges which these instruments face and parallelly addresses the participation of Bangladesh in these international treaties. This research work also outlines the potential scope for further development and seeks to demonstrate that the national animal management system should be flourished in the light of international standard.  

Keywords: Animal Rights, Animal Welfare, Bangladesh, International Instrument