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Comparison of Child Abuse Crime in Criminal Systems, Case Study of Iran and International Documents (Published)

In today’s world, the idea of ​​respecting the rights of children and adolescents is seen as a fundamental thought in their upbringing and in their support for the intellectual development of their mental health. Examination of juvenile or juvenile delinquency has shown that in most cases their rights have been impaired during childhood or that they have witnessed one of the psychological and psychological tortures. In the present era of education and reform, if it is taken up by judicial authorities or other support agencies, it is considered a right for them because if a child is misguided, it will certainly at some point in time be a form of inherent law. He has been ignored. Whatever divine religions, especially Islam, call for the inherent rights of a child for a healthy society structure and for the entry of a healthy individual for change and reflection on the health of the community, the Convention on the Rights of the Child has in many cases repeatedly stated the same rights in its articles and in the international community. Has encouraged it to achieve this. Juvenile judges are more concerned with the personality of a child and their educational role than before the task of dealing with socially and delinquent offenses against children and adolescents. The transformationalist view of laws and regulations in international societies and their widespread interpretation in favor of the rights of the child give the promise that the aim is to harmonize world ideas to prevent harm and harm that prevents children from real and legal rights.

Keywords: Child abuse, criminal law, international documents