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The Dynamics of Internal Boundary Conflict Management between Cross River State and Her Neighbours 1978-2010 (Published)

The concern of academics the world over is to contribute to the development and peaceful co-existence of its citizens, hence they domicile their research towards achieving this objective. Using descriptive methodology, this study critically examines the crisis bedevilling Nigerian communities, arising majorly, from boundary or border lines. This crisis has raised a lot of concern with dire consequences on the people’s cordial relationship. This paper therefore attempts to examine the existing relationship over time amongst the people of the study area, taking into consideration the causes of the conflict with a view to proffering possible solutions in curbing them. In achieving the above, the paper discovered that DECREE 23 of 1985 rather than carefully studying the situation with consultations, the authorities were rather in a hurry with its enactment. Also at the pivot of the conflicts is the National Boundary Commission which must be proactive if peace must be achieved.

Keywords: Conflict, Cross River State, Dynamics, Management, internal boundary