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Predictive factors affecting students’ performance in studying engineering mathematics in technical universities in Ghana (Published)

The study’s major purpose was to investigate the factors that influence engineering mathematics performance in Ghanaian technical universities. Three hundred and fifteen (315) participants were surveyed using questionnaires and six (6) expert interviews. Descriptive variables were examined using cross-tabulation, univariate, and bivariate statistical methods. The logistic regression model and Pearson’s chi-square test were used to examine the relationship between the dependent variable (engineering student performance) and the predictive variables respectively. The study’s findings revealed that several factors influence students’ performance in engineering mathematics, including age, terrible strain, and level of interest. It was revealed by an expert’s interview that students from senior high school like engineering mathematics whiles those from technical senior high school do not like engineering mathematics because of their poor background in mathematics. To reinvigorate students’ performance in this course area, pre-calculus classes for older students should be arranged to assist them to refresh their memory, according to the study, students should be encouraged to devote a significant amount of time to engineering mathematics coupled with tutorials.

Keywords: Age factor, Students performance, engineering mathematics, interest factor, technical universities, terrible strain factor