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The Effectiveness of Technology Integration on the Students’ Motivation and Engagement from Teachers’ Perspective: A Case Study at Sarta Secondary Girls’ School (Published)

Recent theoretical developments have revealed that technology can promote education in an effective way. This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of integration technology on the students’ motivation from teachers’ perspectives. For data collection, the researchers conducted face-to-face interviews with (13) teachers from different specializations at Sarta Secondary Girls’ School. The researchers use interviews to collect qualitative data that was first transcribed and then analyzed. The questions of the interviews were designed as the consistency of its previous literature. The results of the analysis showed an efficient impact of the technology on students’ motivation and engagement when there is a good infrastructure of technology such as devices, tools, and training teacher. The study recommends improving the technological environment of the school by supporting the private sectors financially and working with them. It also suggests the Palestinian Ministry of Education conduct special training courses for teachers to wax and wane their skills to effectively integrate technology in their teaching.

Keywords: Motivation, engagement, integration technology, teachers’ perspectives.