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Problems of Insufficient Practical Equipment: A study through Technical and Vocational Education in Bangladesh (Published)

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the most important problems of technical and vocational education with eager explanation due to insufficient practical apparatus in technical and vocational institution in Bangladesh. Technical and vocational education aims at implementing empirical and practical action in education and profession. But the problems in practical education are getting bigger day by day due to lack of adequate practical equipment in technical and vocational institutions in Bangladesh. This present study is a study of the problems of teaching in practical education at technical and vocational education in Bangladesh in order to find out some useful means with the help of which science teachers especially teachers of practical subjects can effectively teach about practical in the classroom and students can study superior technique. There have some problem of practical teachers, classroom, practical apparatus and textbook of practical. The researcher has identified the problems of teaching practical and recommended probable remedial measures about the problems. The Research work was done according to the method of qualitative and quantitative or somehow mixed. The study was conducted on a random sample of 270 respondents in technical and vocational institutes in Sirajganj district. Questionnaires were used to collect data from the students and teachers to assess the situation of practical equipment in technical and vocational education of Bangladesh. In this study, the researcher concludes that the problems identified here are more or less all over Bangladesh and tried to solve the respective problem. Finally, the researcher wants to conclude that the concerned authorities will take the necessary steps to solve the problems of practical matters of the technical and vocational institutes in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Problems, Vocational and Technical Education., insufficient, practical apparatus

Availability of Educational Resources for Quality Assurance in Secondary Schools (Published)

This work looked at the availability of educational resources for quality assurance in secondary schools. Educational resource is seen as the physical, material, human and financial inputs in the teaching-learning process. Quality is viewed as an accepted standard measure by which product are judge as fine enough for consumption. Quality assurance is termed as the processes and actions through which the quality of secondary education is maintained and developed. The work also examined the need for quality assurance in secondary schools, strategies for establishing quality assurance in education, quality assurance measures put in place to guarantee finesse of product, availability of facilities, instructional materials, human resources and financial resources that brings about quality assurance in secondary schools. The work revealed that physical facilities, teaching and non-teaching staff as well as instructional materials were highly insufficient. The study further revealed that annual subvention to schools was less than the amount required for the administration of the schools. Based on these findings, the work concluded that quality assurance in secondary schools is crippled by insufficient educational resources. Therefore, the work suggested among others that; government should increase the annual subventions to schools, parent teachers’ association and old students’ association should also be involved in the funding and maintenance of the school facilities, the ministry of education should have a unit whose duty is to monitor the funds available to avoid misappropriation.

Keywords: Assurance, Quality, Quality Assurance, annual subvention, educational resources, insufficient, secondary school and educational system.