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Classroom Management in Primary Schools of Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects (Published)

Classroom management is a massive part of learning and teaching in the domain of education. Primary education is usually called the mother of education. This study attempts to find out the problems and prospects of classroom management in the primary schools of Bangladesh. The study explores the pedagogical difficulties resulting from different issues like the lack of teachers’ managerial skills, methods of instruction, environmental factors, and students’ factors. The researcher has used mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) to analyze these problems and found out the solution to these problems. This study has been conducted in both public and private schools. The population of this study includes primary school teachers targeting 30 teachers who are closely connected with classroom management, and the data collected through questionnaires and interviews. This paper titled “Classroom management in primary schools of Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects,” will help researchers, policymakers, and teachers to rethink their initiatives for excellence in teaching and classroom management.

Citation: Mohammad Shamim Hosan, Che Weiyan  and  Mohammad Shamim Hosan (2022)  Classroom Management in Primary Schools of Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects, International Journal of Education, Learning and Development, Vol. 10, No.9, pp.19-54

Keywords: Primary Education, Problems, Prospects, Quality Management, Technology, behavioral management, instructional management