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Competitive Team-Based Learning: A Strategic Approach to the Empowerment of the Other (Review Completed - Accepted)

This paper attempts to throw into sharp relief Competitive Team-Based Learning (CTBL), the author’s instructional approach. After dissecting part of the socio-educational/political background to CTBL, the paper clarifies certain misgivings regarding integrating the element of competition within cooperative learning settings in order to pave the way to a to-the-point introduction to CTBL. The paper discusses – at length – CTBL’s distinguishing features and characteristics with reference to the present methods and approaches like Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and particularly Cooperative Learning (CL) methods. The kind of objectives, syllabi, materials, tasks, and activities proposed for CTBL have also been highlighted. More importantly, the paper gives a glimpse of the significance of the author’s pedagogical approach for today world context of competitive globalisation.

Keywords: Innovative approaches, Method engineering; Catalyst for transformation; Civilised societies; World peace