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Role of Information System Security in the Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in Kenya: A Survey of Information Communication Technology Firms In Nairobi (Published)

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya have reluctantly laid focus on information system security which has hampered growth in most firms resulting in stagnancy. Like the rest of Africa, SMEs in Kenya are faced with exertions of malicious system corruption, espionage, electronic fraud and malicious hackers. Consequently, Information Communication Technology (ICT) SME firms fail to reap the benefits of information system security such as firm growth and economic opportunities. This study sought to establish the role of information system security in growth of SMEs in Kenya. It sought to establish the role of technology, infrastructure, finance and quality control on the growth of ICT SMEs. The study adopted a descriptive research design. The population included the operational managers of various ICT firms in Nairobi. Qualitative and quantitative techniques were used for data analysis. The study found that quality control, followed by finance, and technology contributed most to the growth of ICT SMEs in Kenya. Infrastructure was found to be the least contributor. This study recommends that extra attention should be given to information systems security in the ICT industry. It further recommends that ICT SMEs should devote more attention to quality control, finance and technology, to ensure that information systems are secure, efficient and effective.

Keywords: Information Communication Technology, Information System Security, Information Systems