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Promoting Hospitality and Tourism Through Library and Information Services in the 21st Century (Published)

This paper focused on the promotion of hospitality and tourism activities through provision of library services. Information as a resource is valuable for businesses and individuals alike as we rely on good information to complete daily activities. Libraries are means of access to information, ideas and works of imagination. Library and information services are key actors in providing unhindered access to essential resources for hospitality and tourism advancement. The paper highlights essential library and information services to promote hospitality and tourism industries. The services in this category through the library that are expected to be useful in the hospitality industry include: provision of guides in form of maps, directories, biographies, etc, referral services (providing answers to client”s questions), entertainment (recreational facilities like provision of traditional games, toys, etc). The services highlighted are expected to be potentials for hospitality and tourism development in the 21st century

Keywords: Hospitality, Libraries, Tourism, information service., information use

Public Libraries during Economic Recession: The Nigerian Experience (Published)

Global economy is witnessing a steep in recession and the effect permeates all sectors of the society. Libraries and particularly public libraries are vulnerable to these changes in world economy because of greater reliance on public funding which makes them easy targets for information resource budget cuts, layoffs, foreclosures and job freezes. An investigation into the position of public libraries in this credit crunch stirs up a pragmatic mix of tension between decrease funding in the face of overall cut in public expenditure and increase demand for library services forcing staff to develop new strategies with very limited resources to respond to the information needs of people during recession and explore means to buffer the financial storm. In Nigeria, public libraries suffer chronic neglect which impairs them to display the librarian’s axiom characterized by decrease funding and increased usage in times of fiscal crisis. This paper recommends a redirection of government policy towards the sustenance of public libraries even during recession and a retooling of library human resources for better value.

Keywords: Economic Recession, Inflation, Public libraries, Sustainable Development, Unemployment, information service.