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Correlational Investigation between Library Environmental Anxiety and Information Seeking Anxiety at Arch Namadi Sambo Library, Basug (Published)

The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between the Library Environmental Anxiety (LEA) and the Information Seeking Anxiety (ISA) as well as to ascertain whether demographic variables such as gender and age of the respondents have an effect that contributes towards the Library Environmental Anxiety and the Information Seeking Anxiety. A structured questionnaire was adapted and modified to fit this study for data collection. The findings from Pearman’s correlation test analysis showed a statistically significant mean positive and large correlation between those who encountering LEA and those who encountering ISA (n = 224, R= .71, p < .001). The study recommended the teaching of ‘use of library skills course’ as the number one priority that reduce these anxieties. It is also recommended that information literacy skills programme needs to be integrated into undergraduate students courses so as to be freely from these anxieties.   

Keywords: Correlational Test., Information Seeking Anxiety, Library Environmental Anxiety, Undergraduate Students