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The Effectiveness of Using Interactive Infographic at Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School (Published)

The study aimed to explore the effectiveness of using interactive infographics in the teaching of mathematics at the second grade of elementary school, the study has used a semi-experimental approach through pre and post tests for two groups; experimental and control group where the study sample consisted of 32 students from the second grade in the first semester of the academic year (1435-1436h). the sample were randomly selected and divided into two groups, one is a control group consist of (17) students (studying with traditional method); the other one is experimental (pilot) group consist of (15) students (studying with interactive infographics method). The researcher developed an instructional design model for teaching mathematics using interactive infographics; the results indicated that there are statistically significant differences at level (0.05) between the means of students’ scores of experimental group and control group in post achievement test in favor of experimental group in which concluded that the interactive infographics is an effective tool in teaching and learning mathematics at elementary school

Keywords: Elementary School, Infographics, Mathematics Teaching