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The relationship between gender and work-life balance has been examined frequently with conflicting results. Some studies indicate that women have greater work-life balance than men whereas others report the opposite but most report no significant differences between them. This study examines gender disparities in work-life balance using eight variables of work-life balance namely breaks from work, compressed working hours, self-roastering , tele-working, child care, flexi-time, paid leave and job-sharing. Data was collected from three hundred (300) respondents randomly selected among workers in the insurance industry. The study found eight independent variables significantly and positively correlated with work- life balance for both men and women. Both genders indicated they had work life imbalance but there were gender differences in the use of work-balance options. The study recommends a modification in the work-life balance discussion with men converting their personalities of family-direction to additional time spent with the family and organization management desisting from viewing such choices as incompatible with men’s achievement on the job. Work-life balance options should not be uniform but must be personalized. There must be improved gender friendly work-life balance options. Work life balance practices need to be advanced to facilitate workers balancing their lives and to ensure a congenial work place for them.

Keywords: Balance, Gender, Influences, Work- Life