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An Analysis on the Industrial Technology Leakage Cases in South Korea (Published)

In this study, economy and technology development in South Korea is discussed and a problem that has accompanied the advancement is examined. Industrial technology leakage, which has been increasing in the South Korean society among the nation’s major industry sectors has resulted in immeasurable financial consequences; it can also threaten the country’s status as the world’s leading manufacturer in shipbuilding, semiconductor, and electronics. A total of twelve technology espionage cases, three from each industry, that have received substantial attention by the media and been introduced in the “Technology Leakage Cases and Security Tips” published by the Korean Association for Industrial Technology Security are analyzed in order to find common patterns, actors involved, and characteristics of the leakage activities. The results show that in most cases assessed, a former employee is motivated by the monetary rewards and utilized the external devices to transmit the information. Furthermore, viable policy implications are suggested to provide a possible solution to the problem.

Keywords: Espionage, Industrial Security, Information Security, Technology Leakage