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Attitudes of Teachers and Pre-Service Teachers Towards Teaching Grammar and Their Perceptions of Grammar Instruction (Published)

The current study aimed to identify teachers’ and pre-service teachers’ attitudes towards English grammar, as well as their perceptions on the best mode of grammar instruction. The study was conducted using the comparative approach, intended to compare the attitudes and perceptions of teachers and pre-service teachers. The study utilized a questionnaire comprising 20 items applied to a sample of 306 pre-service teachers in the English Department at the College of Basic Education and 224 EFL teachers in public schools. The results found that teachers and pre-service teachers had favorable attitudes towards grammar. Teachers demonstrated stronger favorability towards grammar compared to pre-service teachers. It was also found that teachers and pre-service teachers favor an implicit mode of grammar instruction as opposed to explicit instruction. The sample of pre-service teachers demonstrated stronger favorability towards implicit grammar instruction. This study has implications on Kuwait’s education system given its shift from an objective-based curriculum to a competency-based curriculum.

Citation: Anam A. AlFadley, Sarah M. Qasem & Anar H. AlRuwaie (2021) Attitudes of Teachers and Pre-Service Teachers Towards Teaching Grammar and Their Perceptions of Grammar Instruction, British Journal of Education, Vol. 9, Issue 7, pp.88-110

Keywords: Explicit Instruction, deductive, implicit instruction, inductive

A Study on Cadets’ EFL Learning Styles Preferences: The Case of Sylhet Cadet College (Published)

Learners’ learning style preference is one of the vital issues in the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) arena. Different learners learn English differently. But there must be a close proximity between the teachers’s preferred teaching style and the learners’ preferred learning style. The present study was done on 145 senior cadets of Sylhet Cadet College. The situation of English in cadets is no doubt good. But there are still some teaching systems that must be reconsidered and therefore renovated teaching styles based on cadets’ style preference should be introduced. To conduct the survey a questionnaire was followed. The findings show that various cadets belong to various categories of learning style. A brief analysis of the findings is presented. Besides, this paper offers some suggestions for the teachers based on the findings of the survey.

Keywords: Cadets, Group, Individual, auditory, authority- oriented, communicative, deductive, field-dependent, field-independent, inductive, kinesthetic, learning styles, visual