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Effect of Process-Genre Approach on the Indonesian EFL Writing Achievement Across Personality (Published)

The process-genre approach is the synthesis of the concepts of process approach and genre approach. This study aimed to investigate the effect of process-genre approach on the EFL students’ achievement in writing report texts across personality: extrovert and introvert. This study is a quasi-experimental study involving 56 EFL students of Junior High School 3 at Koto, Singkarak, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The data were gained from the results of post-test administered to the experimental and control groups following the completion of the treatment. The students’ writing products were analyzed and compared by using independent t-test at 0.05 level of significance. The result of the study showed that there was a significant effect of process-genre approach on the students’ writing achievement, covering four writing components: organization, vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics. This study also revealed that there was no significant difference in the writing ability of the extrovert and introvert students who were taught by using the process-genre approach

Keywords: Indonesian EFL Students, Personality, Process-Genre Approach, Writing Achievement