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The Nexus between Transformational Leadership and Team Effectiveness: A Conceptual Review (Published)

Transformational leaders motivate followers to achieve performance beyond expectations by transforming their attitudes, beliefs, and values as opposed to simply gaining compliance. Transformational leadership was conceptualized as being composed by four independent dimensions, known as the four “I”s : inspirational motivation (the sense of drive that the leader inspires in followers and that produces additional, goal-oriented energy for the group or organization), intellectual stimulation (the boost in creativity in followers that the leader stimulates by encouraging an independent and innovative way of thinking), idealized influence (exemplary behaviour of the leader that generates respect and trust and makes followers proud of their group and organization), and individualized consideration (perception that the leader genuinely cares for followers and their well-being). This paper examines the nexus between transformational leadership and team effectiveness.

Keywords: Transformational Leadership, idealized influence, individualized consideration, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, team effectiveness