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Effects of Individual Differences on Staff Social Status and Academic Performance of Students in Nigerian Universities (A Study of Selected University in FCT Abuja) (Published)

This investigation explores effects of individual differences on staff social status and academic performance of students in Nigerian Universities with specific reference to selected Universities in FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. There are few societies around the world that ascribe everyone (at least adults) equal status, most societies do have some form of social hierarchy with some people in stronger, more dominant positions, and other people in weaker, lower positions. This inequity is built into the social system itself through various forms of structural components and institutions. Social and economic roles are distinguished and accorded different status according to what a particular society or culture deems valuable. Social status is the degree of honor or prestige attached to one’s position in society. The perception of social status is very wide and many aspects can contribute to elucidate on the hierarchies of social status. Achievement, individual merit, wealth, occupation, family background and style of life might explain individuals’ social status within a social group. The objectives of this paper are to: Determine the extent, to which certain domain of individual characteristics attributes one to acquire prestigious position in Nigerian Universities; ascertain the degree to which staff social status impact positively on the performance of staff of Nigerian Universities, and examine the intensity to which individual differences and social status influences students academic performance. The researcher adopted secondary methods of data collection in the review of related literature with specific reference to management journals, periodicals and internet, while primary information was sourced from key informants in the selected Nigerian Universities and analysis and test of hypotheses was done with the use of F test statistical techniques.  The results of the study indicate that certain domain of individual characteristics causes one to acquire prestigious position in Nigerian Universities and the intensity of individual differences and social status influences student’s academic performance. It was recommended that institutions should review individual characteristics quarterly to determine which position will best suit individual peculiarity than individual struggling to acquire prestigious position in Nigerian Universities. This will enhance competition and the desire for better attitude to work and performance by all staff.

Keywords: Academic Performance and Social Status, Change, Individual Differences, Status