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Re – examining the Fight against Public Sector Corruption in Nigeria: Has the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) lived up to its billing? (Published)

Issues of corruption have continued to feature prominently in the management of national affairs globally, and particularly in transitional States. Public governance in Nigeria has been serially accused with verifiable proofs of unbridled corruption, and is therefore a huge contributor to Nigeria’s embarrassing corruption perception on the Global Corruption Index. The ICPC as an institutional response to the ugly trend, is intended at curbing the incidence, severity, and depth of corruption in Nigeria public service. It is however worrisome, that public sector corruption is yet to witness a significant downward review, as bizarre incidences of public sector corruption continues to emerge even with the presence of ICPC. This paper therefore leverages on a Desk Study, hinged on Documentary Analysis, to interrogate how effective the ICPC has been, in the fight against Public Sector corruption in Nigeria, and to also ascertain, some of the challenges that militate against its operations. The findings show among others, that although the ICPC made some contributions to the fight against corruption, it is generally adjudged quite weak and ineffective, for reasons that range from wide political interferences/lack of autonomy, absence of the requisite political will, and poor funding. It is recommended among others, that the ICPC should be redesigned to make it much more autonomous and insulated from the likelihood of detrimental political influences as much as possible.

Keywords: Corruption, Effectiveness, Independent, Public Sector, institutionalization


This article is the result of community service report conducted in fiscal year 2012 to 2014. The purpose of writing reports is referring to community service by the directorate general of higher education to create new independent entrepreneurs from the campus.The method used in community service one of which is entrepreneurship training through campus fairs, MKU, P2KPN, PMW, PKMK, and IbIKK. While the creation of new entrepreneurs conducted through PPM-IbK program. The program was funded by Dikti and implemented in an integrated manner for all students of Unipa Surabaya through training methods of making the products, business management training, internship partners in industry, business gatherings and business consulting.IbK Program of Unipa Surabaya started from 2012 until 2014. Each year, this program guiding 20 tenants who already participated on PMW/PKMK program and still build new business trought this program. Trought this program, Unipa Surabaya generated new 6 entrepreneurs (2012), 10 entrepreneurs (2013), and 10 entrepreneurs (2014)

Keywords: College, Independent, New Entrepreneurs


In this paper, Exponential distribution as the only continuous statistical distribution that exhibits the memoryless property is being explored by deriving another two-parameter model representing the sum of two independent exponentially distributed random variables, investigating its statistical properties and verifying the memoryless property of the resulting model.

Keywords: Convolution, Cumulant, Exponential, Hazard, Independent, Memoryless