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An Empirical Study of In-Store Settings and Its Impact on Consumer Impulsive Buying Behavior (Published)

The definition of beverage in the study is described as any liquid for human consumption, except milk. The purpose of this research is to examine the effects of retail store environment on impulse buying behavior of beverages and to investigate how retail environment characteristics (i.e. ambient, shelving and in store promotions) have an impact of consumer buying behavior of beverages. Similarly, individuals’ characteristics of the shopper are also linked with impulse buying behavior. In the theoretical framework, Hedonic motivation plays a role of moderating variable, while independent variables of the study are Ambiance, Shelving and in-store promotions. Dependent variable is consumer buying behavior. This study examines the problem in the context of large retail outlets. Similarly, relevant stakeholder can benefit, what strategy to follow in order to increase the impulsive behavior in order to increase the final sales.  It was found that in-store promotion had a major impact on the impulsive behavior at store. Moreover, people having incomes of 40,000+ were found to be impulsive in buying beverages. This study is based on retail stores in Karachi, where beverages are sold along with other items to capture true insight of impulse behavior of a consumer, who comes to buy different item but impulsively buys a beverage. Survey data was collected by using store intercept method, sample size 190; strategic sampling method was used. Item used Baker, Grewal and Parasuraman (1994) used to measure the perceptions of the retail environment Characteristics. Moreover, scale developed by Beatty and Ferrell (1998) were used to measure consumers positive emotional response and consumers behavioral responses. 

Keywords: : In-Store Settings, Buying Behavior, Consumer Impulsive, Store Promotion