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To Improve Power Quality in Flux Types of Lock-Fault Current Limiter by Voltage or Current Controlled Inverter (Published)

In this research, the flux-lock type superconducting fault current limiter (FCL) with integrated a voltage source inverter (VSI) been proposed controlled by the output voltage or current, operated to improve power quality investigated. The each superconducting fault current limiter capable recommended locked flux type, VSI, is limited short-term flows and failures. Flux key type circuit formed by the action of fault current limiter as well, because the current situation, or perhaps to compensate reactive power and energy supplement that uses a non-linear load required by the output voltage control of VSI operational management of electricity demand. (DSM) and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The model suggested that the requirements set out, you have a different function. Such as the current limit fault analyzing and presentation through computer simulation, power quality improvement. Accuracy analysis, based on the benefits and limitations of the current control power quality the VSI computer simulation and control voltage and update operations, it is said to be confirmed by the results of the analysis.

Keywords: Control Voltage Inverter And Power Supply Voltage., Controls The Operation Of The Lock-Type Fault, Current Limiter, improve power quality

Poor power quality issues need smart grid -Bangladesh (Review Completed - Accepted)

This is a very important issue for the end-user utility, and customers, in order to reduce the economic losses due to PQ of the poor, be known by the user and authorities are very important PQ. Cost of height increase and poor PQ. In this paper, we provide insight into the economic losses due to poor power quality. Business risk posed by PQ problem even when exposed to severe loss of financial, one of the real with the industry is a “low-tech”. Economic crisis in the country is not the only factor that lowered the revenue from Asian countries such as Bangladesh. Challenge of this paper is to discuss the detailed practical implementation of the smart grid of Bangladesh and meaning. Smart Grid refers to a power system for improving the reliability and efficiency of the network by responding to system failure automatically. Power quality is a major challenge for developing countries like Bangladesh. Transmission and distribution of power and an important source of high energy efficiency is a fundamental requirement for providing the citizens and economy. I also describe the transmission and distribution of efficient processes to improve the power quality by smart grid.

Keywords: Bangladesh, improve power quality, poor power quality, power quality monitoring, smart grid