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Re-Emphasizing Total Quality Management for Organizational Effectiveness: Challenges and Strategies (Published)

The paper defined Total Quality Management (TQM) as a continuous and dedicated effort by an organization to pursue perfection in production output in order to satisfy the customers’ needs. The tenets are based on commitment, continuous dedication improvement to the established goals. Other guiding principles were discussed together with the origin and Japanese experiences. The components of TQM were discussed together with its organizational effectiveness. The TQM is customer centered. Justification for the research and the problems which the research was meant to solve were discussed. The accruable profits of TQM to an organization were stressed in that some organizations are run down by poor management strategies as outlined in (Dalota, 2011). However, the TQM implementation strategies were highlighted as the way to handle the challenges. Organizations that apply TQM shall surely revolutionize the production capabilities and enjoy greater market share in the economy. Organizations without TQM principles stand the risk of losing global market share in the new economic trend of the world market. TQM provides the opportunity for the employees to acquire the necessary skills, abilities, knowledge and competence for organizational and personal well-being.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Organizational effectiveness, TQM, challenges and accruable profits, implementation strategies