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Implementability of English Across the Curriculum Strategy in Nigeria: Issues And Prospects (Published)

English Language in Nigeria occupies an important position. Educationally, it is a subject and the medium of instruction at all levels, an official and National Language. As a multi-Lingual nation with over 270 Languages it is also a second language, a lingua-franca and language of almost all human endervours. Yet, fluency in the language has continued to be illusive to majority of even educated Nigerians. This is despite all efforts and use of all known. English methods to promote the language. This paper tries to examine the posibility of implementiing yet another strategy, the English Across the Curriculum (EAC), in the Education System. With a view to attaining reasonable fluency. Attempt is made at giving historical background of the strategy, what it is, and its aims. Its spread across the world is also examined and why many countries implemented it in their education system and the challenges faced, the role of each stake-holder in implementing the EAC has also been pointed out. An indepth discussion is also put in place on the possibility of adopting the system in the target country. Proceeding this, are realisable recommedations for implementing the system. The paper concludes that a country like Nigeria, adopting English as a second Language, a strategy like EAC could be an alternative for attaining fluency and a motivation to students and content area teachers to be positionally disposed to English as a learning tool.

Keywords: English, Nigeria, curriculum strategy, implementability, issues and prospects