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Utilization of Mass Media among Farmers in Ikwere Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria (Published)

The study analyzed the utilization of mass media by farmers in Ikwere local government area of Rivers state, Nigeria. Specifically, it identified the available mass media in the study area, ascertained the extent of use of these mass media, identified the perceived roles of mass media, assessed the perceived effectiveness of mass media and identified the factors that affect the use of mass media in the study area. A sample of 180 farmers was obtained using multistage sampling technique. Data were elicited from the farmers using a set of structured questionnaire. Data were analyzed using percentage count, mean statistic and bar chart. Results show that the farmers were still in their active ages (M = 40 years) with majority (99.1%) of them receiving formal education. It was further revealed that television, radio and mobile phone were the most available mass media in the area

Keywords: Agricultural, Farmers, Ikwere LGS, Mass Media