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The Socio-Cultural Import of Igala Names (Published)

This piece on the Socio-cultural Import of Igala Names is an effort at investigating into the traditional appellations by which members of the major ethnic group of Kogi state, the Igala of central Nigeria are known. While employing the sociological and historical methods of research, our findings show that there is more to their names than mere identifying marks, labels or tags. Igala names are given basically in accordance with spiritual and historico-social circumstances of birth, emotions of parents, etc. Besides, the names are often seen as particularly embodying the destiny of the individual. It is also submitted here that naming ceremonies form an integral part of formal means of initiating a child into the membership of a community. This invariably spells the personhood of such a child. As such, the use of Igala, nay African names are showcased here as inalienable aspect of the culture of the people that could be promoted, owing to its significance.


Keywords: Igala, Names, Socio-cultural, import


This paper is an attempt to do a contrastive study of some aspects of the supra-segmental features of Igala and English phonology. It provides an opportunity to analyse the errors in the speech of Igala second language (L2) speakers of English. The framework used in the analysis is the autosegmental theory. Autosegmental theory lays claim to non-linear representation of sounds. Autosegmental phonology is adopted for its theoretical elegance and empirical relevance. A tiered approach to the study gives one an opportunity to analyse the speech errors in terms that are easy to appreciate; especially since the processes are characterized in such a way as to reflect the realities of phonological structure and organisation. Interviews and participant observation were used to obtain data. These were later supplemented by listening comprehension tests.

Keywords: Contrastive Analysis, English Phonlogy, Igala, Suprasegmental Features