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A Study On the Economic Impact of Infarm among the Farmers of Idukki District (Published)

Agriculture sector is the backbone of every human society. It is the foundation stone for the economic growth and development. Due to it’s higher inter-linkage effects no one can underrate it’s significance. Today agriculture is going through a tough period. The farmers find it very difficult to make their both ends meet. The distress of farmers is due to several factors like the changing nature of agriculture, economies of production, policies of the govt and the ongoing reforms in the country. The spate of suicides is considered a tragic manifestation of the deteriorating conditions of farmers. Farmer’s suicide in different parts of India has become a recurring phenomenon over the past one decade so. These represent the concrete expressions of farmer’s problems. The percentage of famer’s suicide is very high in Kerala, when compared to that of other Indian states. The crisis faced by an important section of the population need to be carefully analysed. Indian Farmers movement, popularly known as INFARM , is an organization of farmers in Kerala, came to an answer to the problems faced by the farmers. They addressed issues like higher cost of production, recurring price fall, low quality seeds and seedlings, debt trap of farmers etc. to a great extent.


Keywords: Farmers, Idukki, district, economic impact, infarm