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The Meaning of Women in Online Indonesia Dictionary: The Identity of Women and Informational Society (Published)

The On-line Indonesian Dictionary is a dictionary used as a reference to the meaning of words. References to the meaning of women form identity in the informational society. Women use information media in forming their identities, so the words described in the sentence have references that are acknowledged as references that can be accounted for. But what happens when women are defined as someone who reflects an individual who is normatively included in the category of bad and contemptible behavior. Paradis in the on-line language dictionary is a form of system representation in shaping women’s construction in social practice. Research by using women as actors involved in the inclusion of the meaning of defines the Indonesian language dictionary on-line states strongly disagree over the treatment obtained himself. Meaning of the word woman in Indonesian on-line dictionary greatly influence woman in determining the identity of woman. Informational societies require several references which in the identification of its identity include in this case an on-line dictionary. They realize that women need supportive conditions for a system that is solid in representing women to be equal and worth the men. In order for this on-line language dictionary not to be a reference that places women in a subordinated order in society then this dictionary should be redefined in accordance with the wishes of Indonesian women.    

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