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Effects of Actual Self and Ideal Self Image On Consumer Responses: The Moderating Effect of Store Image (Published)

This study aims to investigate the relationship between (actual and ideal) self-image congruity and store image, and also its impact on the behavioral responses of consumers (such as enjoyment, trust and purchase intention). The instrument utilized for data collection was a five- point Likert type questionnaire; the reliability of the instrument was confirmed via Cronbach Alpha and Split-half tests. The sample consisted of 384 home appliances stores’ customers. Data analysis was also conducted in descriptive and analytical modes using AMOS software and through structural equations and confirmatory factor analysis. Based on the examination of the hypotheses and the findings (results), the actual self-image of individuals impacts the assessment of visual cues, navigational convenience and store atmosphere while the individuals’ ideal self-image was found to influence only store atmosphere. Store atmosphere was the only factor having an effect on trust while visual cues and store atmosphere impacted enjoyment. In addition, both trust and enjoyment were found to influence purchase intention. It can also be noted that the store atmosphere factor proves all items of actual and ideal self-image, trust and (product) enjoyment, indicating the significant effect of store atmosphere on consumer behavior in regard to store image. However, navigational convenience discredits all the factors except actual self-image.

Keywords: Actual self-image, ideal self-image, purchase desire., store image