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Examination of Hypotheses in Marketing Research (Published)

Statistical data is derived based on the survey of respondents, in the following three areas of the Georgian consumer market: product prices, tuition fees in higher education, the number of people wishing to travel to the parts of Georgia. Using this marketing information, the task of examination hypotheses about the unknown average values ​​of populations is solved.

Keywords: Hypothesis, Respondent, data, statistics

Impact Of Information And Communication Technologies (ICT), On Student’s Academic Performance in Post-Secondary Schools; Case Study Of Federal College Of Agriculture Ishiagu, Ivo Lga, Ebonyi State-Nigeria (Published)

Information and communication Technology (ICT) have found application in virtually all spheres of human Endeavour, particularly education and training.  However, it is not precisely evident if the use of ICT enhances student’s academic performance, or not. This paper investigates the level of availability and access students have to ICT facilities on campuses, as well as the technical know-how they possess, with regards to the use of ICT facilities. The Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu is used as case study. Chi square was used to test postulated hypothesis. The study determined whether the use of ICT impacts positively on the academic performance of students of the Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu Ebonyi State-Nigeria. The paper made recommendations which aim at encouraging effective use of ICT to boost student’s academic performance in Post-Secondary Schools.

Keywords: (IT), Chi-Square, Hypotheses, Hypothesis, ICT