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Perceptions of Teachers on the Use of Computers to Teach Mathematical Hyperbolic Graphs at Grades 10 To 12 (Published)

This study explores the perceptions of teachers on the use computers in the teaching and learning of graphs in Mathematics. A comprehensive review of extant literature showed that there are multiple benefits of using computers in the study of Mathematics. This qualitative study involved the soliciting of research data from participating teachers through use of the interview schedule. 9 teachers integrating computers in teaching were purposively selected from the sampled schools owing to their possession of rich information for the treatise. Findings indicated that learners and teachers enjoy using computers in the teaching and learning of Mathematics. The study recommends that the Ministries of Higher Education and Basic Education collaborate to ensure computers are integrated in all possible subjects, to particularly benefit Mathematics as a subject and that teaching Mathematics using computers be an established culture from early grades.

Keywords: Computer, Hyperbolic Graph, Mathematics, Technology