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Extraction and Evaluation of Hydrocolloids from “Achi” (Brachystegia eurycoma) and its Application on a Water Melon Fruit Juice (Published)

Hydrocolloid was extracted from dehulled “achi” (Brachystegia eurycoma) seed with the aim of evaluating its functionality as a food stabilizing ingredientin fruit juice industries. The “achi” seeds were sorted, cleaned, milled into flour and defatted to extract the hydrocolloid (food gum) from it, after which the functional properties were analyzed. 3g of the extracted hydrocolloid was added to 300ml of water melon fruit juice. To compare its effect with other conventional hydrocolloids, Guar gum and Arabic gum were also added to the same quantity of water melon fruit juice. Viscosity analysis was carried out at four different temperatures of 40oC, 50oC, 60oC and 70oC.The result showed that the extracted hydrocolloid from “achi” seed had a swelling index of 3.67%, a wettability of 43minutes and 23 seconds, and a bulk density of 0.82. There was a decrease in the apparent viscosities of Guar gum, Arabic gum and “achi” hydrocolloid as well as the control water melon fruit juice samples as the temperature increased. Although, it was observed that the melon fruit juices with different hydrocolloids showed that the juice with Arabic gum had the highest mean viscosity value of 56, 54.8 and 52 at 40oC, 50oC and 60oC respectively while Guar gum had the highest mean value of 22 at 70oC. So, the “achi” hydrocolloid can compete favorably with other hydrocolloids or food gums in the fruit juice industry.

Keywords: Water Melon, achi, fruit juice, hydrocolloid and Functional properties.