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Thou Shalt Love!: The Contemporary Relevance of Rumi in Elif Shafak’s The Forty Rules of Love- a Character Based Study Establishing Love as the Central Theme of the Novel and Humanity (Published)

This paper aims to analyse Love and its dearth in today’s world that forms the crux of Elif Shafak’s novel The Forty Rules of Love. The novel connects human predicament of the thirteenth century of Rumi- a poet, and his Sufi friend Shams, with the twenty-first century of Ella and her mystic friend cum lover Aziz. The novel presents several Sufi tenets, but it is Elif’s conviction of love that firmly holds the Sufi theme in the novel, according it with magnitude and potency.  Achieving oneness with the creator is the goal of mankind, and it is only possible through spirituality which, in turn, is indispensable to love. Therefore, Love forms the substratum of the novel in question. This paper scrutinizes Elif’s portrayal of characters and their predicaments illustrating how the Oneness can be achieved despite differences through the path of love and love alone.

Keywords: Faith, Love, Sufism, human-predicament, humanity, oneness


Ubuntu has become a buzz word in Southern African. These days, there is talk of ‘Ubuntu magazine’, ‘Ubuntu software,’ ‘ubuntu style of management’, ‘ubuntu ethics’, ‘Ubuntu foods’, ‘ubuntu psychology’(Washington 2010) and so on. The concept has gained a lot of currency with the completion of the de-colonization of South Africa in 1994. The question is; what is the meaning and import of the term?This paper is a philosophical examination of the concept historically and critically, with the view of determining its expediency in matters to do with nation-building, democracy and good governance all of which pervade contemporary African thought. Given the processes of globalization, can the concept make any impact? Is there utility of the concept in the development of the sub-region?

Keywords: Community, Ontology, Ubuntu, humanity