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Human Resource Development Meeting the Needs of the International Integration in Vientiane Capital of Laos (Published)

The objective of the study is to analyze the internal-external environment affecting the human resource development in order to meet the needs of international integration in Vientiane capital of Laos. Based research results, the researcher has the managerial implications for improving human resource quality for Vientiane capital of Laos. This is one of the first research paper to develop the measurement scale as well as the theoretical model illustrate the relationship between the internal-external environment and the human resource development. The official quantitative studied with a sample of 350 managers in Vientiane capital. The data collected from June 2017 to May 2018 in Vientiane capital and random sampling technique. The Data analyzed Cronbach’s Alpha and the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) which used for multilinear regression. The tested results have the internal-external environment affecting the human resource development with significance level 0.01 based on 344 samples (06 sample lacked information).

Keywords: Development, Human, Laos, Resource, Vientiane Capital

Assessment of Built Environment Quality in Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria (Published)

The interactions between man and environment determine both the quality of environment and as well as the quality of life that man lives. The feedback mechanisms of the interactions between man and environment are directly proportional. The increase in the number of urban dwellers is no more novel as over 50% of the world population resides in urban centers. This continuous and accidental increase in the number of urban dwellers with respect to their actions in the environment has played significant roles in the depletion of the quality of the environment. Since human health or wellbeing depends on the quality of his immediate environment, the focus on environmental quality emerged as a key area for research in urban and regional planning. This paper appraises the quality of the built environment in a steadily urbanizing traditional settlement in Ogbomoso North Local Government, Nigeria using selected environmental quality indicators while necessary recommendations are put forward to rejuvenate sickening built environment.

Keywords: Built, Depletion, Environment, Health, Human, Nigeria, Quality, Urban

Freedom in Life and Its Necessity of Education (Published)

Freedom to carry out the decisions of an individual or community to do his will. If a man can take all the decisions, actions and organizational does not his limit he has absolute freedom. But because the people living in the community cannot have absolute freedom. Absolute freedom of the individual to society, leads to the violation of other people’s freedom. Every community has a special rule. As a result rules define the liberties of people in the world. And the Freedom to teach peoples that people according to this rate, to organize your life.

Keywords: Freedom, Human, Law, Learning, Teaching


This study which benefits from reconnaissance surveys and recent literature on spatial degradation examines the environmental and anthropogenic challenges in the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria. It argues that the visible environmental restrictions posed by hydro-climatic, vegetal, and geomorphic related occurrences are not significant to prohibit the development of the region. Specifically, the study observes that anthropogenic activities which strongly defied sound environmental principles are accountable for the protracted spate of environmental pollution, cycle of underdevelopment, unemployment, widespread poverty, occurrence of diseases, and human rights violations in the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria. Based on its findings, the study recommends a number of realistic measures to reposition the region towards the path of sustainable development. These measures include urgent remediation of vastly polluted environment, routine monitoring of the region using satellite remote sensing, adequate infrastructural provisions matched with effective maintenance culture, amendments of mineral derivation, control and utilization laws, provision of reliable jobs to the immediate communities, and harnessing of hydro-climatic resources for permanent safety of the region’s infrastructures. These measures require the integrated efforts of different environmental experts and authentic cooperation of indigenous communities, crude oil industries and the federal government of Nigeria to succeed.

Keywords: Challenges, Crude oil Pollution, Environmental, Human, Mitigation Measures