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This paper investigated the association between unemployment and human security provisioning using ordinary least square estimator of regression analysis. Unemployment was measured using unemployment rate while human security provisioning was measured by; food security, purchasing power parity and poverty rate. This study adopted a comparative survey research design. Both primary and Secondary data were used. The outcomes of the study show that Food security had an inverse relationship with youth unemployment in the Gambia while Purchasing power parity had a significant effect on unemployment rate in Nigeria. In both countries, there is a high positive association between youth unemployment and human security provisioning. Moreover, the study found empirically that the key factor responsible for youth vulnerability is lack of subsistence occasioned by unemployment. Therefore, it has become more pertinent that the government of Nigeria and the Gambia developed a pragmatic approach in reducing youth unemployment as a strategy for reducing the incidence of human trafficking

Keywords: Human Security, Human Trafficking, Unemployment, Youth

The Impact of International Organized Crime and Criminalized States In Africa: A Global Threat To National Security (Review Completed - Accepted)

This paper provides an overview with regards to the influx of organized crime in Africa. Over time, international organized crime has evolved and thrived in major continents of the world, Africa for one of which the spread of drug trafficking (cocaine, heroin and the likes), human trafficking, diamond trade and its link with the financing of terrorism etc. is prominent. This paper will examine the development of organized crime in Africa, the political, social and economic conditions that encouraged the growth of this phenomenon, the role of the government and law enforcement agencies in curbing this phenomenon and in particular major forms of organized crime in Africa. This will create an avenue for further research in the near future.

Keywords: Diamond Trade, Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, International Organized Crime, Terrorism