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The degree of the practice of human relations with the principals of government schools in the first Blue Education Directorate from the point of view of the teachers (Published)

The present study aimed at measuring the degree of human relations with the principals of government schools in the blue first education from the point of view of the parameters Directorate , and to achieve the main study goal of the researcher on the descriptive and analytical approach adopted , as the study sample consisted of ( 35 ) , a teacher, and the study found that the degree of exercise Humanitarian relations among school principals is high, and the study recommended the need to strengthen human relations within public schools by principals and principals, because of its importance in raising the level of education in Jordan.

Keywords: Human-Relations., Principals, Teachers, public schools

The Role of Human Relations between the Director and the Teachers and Their Impact on the Effectiveness of the Jordanian School Administration from the Perspective of Teachers (Published)

The objective of this study is to understand the role of human relations between the director and the teachers and their impact on the effectiveness of the Jordanian school administration from the point of view of the teachers. To answer the study questions, the researcher followed the analytical descriptive method. Preparation of sweetness (2012), and the sample of the study consisted of (18) teachers of the teachers of the Triangle Kfr soom basic school, and the study reached a number of results, the most important of which:  1. The extent to which managers are concerned about the pattern of human relations in school management is high. 2. One of the most important factors of human relations that contribute to the effectiveness of the school administration is that the principal invests the opportunities available from the abilities of the creative teachers, and the principal is keen on the participation of teachers in decision-making. 3. The level of effectiveness of school administration in the exercise of delegation of authority as a factor of human relations is high. The study also recommended the need to hold training courses and workshops for principals of primary and secondary schools in order to deepen the concept of management and human relations.

Keywords: Director, Human-Relations., Jordanian School Administration, Teachers

Effects of Leadership Styles on Productivity of Secretaries in the Public Sector (Published)

Recently, there have been concerns about the attitude of some secretaries or administrative assistants in various organisations across Ghana and this has been blamed on several factors. This study subjects the types of leadership styles to productivity of secretaries or administrative assistants in the public sector in Ghana. The study adopted quantitative approach and survey as a research design. This enabled the researchers to take primary data from large number of respondents. It was found out that Leadership is not attached to a particular style but uses a style that may fit the situation or circumstance they face. Many secretaries and administrative assistants are aware of the competences needed to perform their role. However, these competences are not in use or exhibited by this category of employees. Autocratic leadership style does not necessary lead to high turnover and absenteeism, low productivity and distortion of communication.


Keywords: Autocratic, Democratic, Human-Relations., Leadership, Performance, Productivity