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Explaining The Effect of Organizations’ Practices on Employee’s Engagement in Egypt (Published)

This research explains the effect of human resource management practices (HRM) on employees’ engagement in the Egyptian context. Egyptian organizations need to have more attention to the importance of employee’s engagement that plays a major role in enhancing organizations’ sustainability, profitability and developing of their employees. The objective of this study is to develop a more in-depth understanding of the concepts of organizations’ practices and its impact on employees’ engagement. The contribution of this thesis it is one of the few studies that examine this relationship. This study is a quantitative in nature, using a sample of 226 managers, through using survey questionnaire as a tool to collect their perceptions and opinion. The findings showed that there was a strong positive relationship between HRM and engagement. Since HRM practices selection and hiring, job design additionally reward and payment were empirically found to have a dynamic role in the improvement of employees’ engagement in most of its dimensions.

Keywords: Egyptian context, HRM practices, Human Resource Management Practices, developing countries, employees’ engagement


HR policies provide an organization with a mechanism to manage risk by staying up to date with current trends in employment standards and legislation. The policies must be framed in a manner that the companies vision & the human resource helping the company to achieve it or work towards it are at all levels benefited and at the same time not deviated from their main objective. Each company has a different set of circumstances, and so develops an individual set of human resource policies.Over the years of my own experience in corporate sector, it was noticed that organization can reach certain level without policies and procedures but as it grows big it requires well laid down structure, policies and procedures for its functioning or it falls down. It is a general belief that those organizations which have well laid HRM Practices can better meet the competitive environment than those organizations having weak HRM practices. In this study, focus is on studying and analyzing the role of HRM practices on the growth and development of the organization. Its main purpose is identify the prevailing HRM practices and then analyse the effectiveness of these practices in Textile industries in Madhya pradesh. For reaching our goal we have collected information regarding HRM practise in 60 Textile industries considering variables namely Manpower planning, Staffing practices, Training and career development, Performance Appraisal, compensation and Incentive, Unionization, team work, Employee participation and Working conditions which form exclusive part in measuring the prevailing HRM practices in MadhyaPradesh,India. After this we were able to analyse the effectiveness of these HRM variables in Textile industries

Keywords: Effectiveness of HRM practice, HRM practices, Human Resource Management, Textile Industries

The Effect of Human Resource Management Practices on Organization’s Performance (Review Completed - Accepted)

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to check the effect of HRM practices (staffing practices, incentive practices and training programs) on the organization’s performance.

Design/methodology/approach: Quantitative study was conducted in banking sector of Pakistan. A sample of 150 bankers, from different banks of Sahiwal, was selected and surveyed through questionnaires with a response rate of 93%. Pearson Correlation and Regression were run to analyze the data

Findings: Finding reveals that positive and significant relation exists between HRM practices (staffing practices, incentive practices and training programs) and the organization’s performance.

Research limitations/implications: The sample size was too short. This study can be replicated with a large sample size in similar sector or context or in other sectors. Effects of other independent variables e.g. information technology, performance appraisal, employee empowerment, compensation, job rotation and employee participation could also be used.

Originality/value: Organizations ought to pay special attention to human resource management practices to increase their organization’s performance. As HR practices plays an important role in organization’s performance.


Keywords: HRM practices, Incentive Practices, Organization's Performance, Staffing Practices, Training Programs