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Integrating HR Measurements into Business Performance: The Role of HR in Enhancing Business Growth (Published)

Integrating HR into business performance measurement system involves identifying the areas of HR deliverables and its linkage to the organization’s strategic plan. The HR deliverables which supports the implementation of the firm’s strategy must be clearly outlined and communicated to all staff to serve as the blue print for executing the firm’s strategy. HR success drivers are the core people related competencies and capabilities or assets such as employee productivity or employee satisfaction which are considered to be so important and unique to a particular firm for the attainment of its objectives. The study examines how these HR performance drivers serve as a catalyst for achieving organizational objectives .Through interviews and the review of empirical data, the study found that human resource managers tend to focus on HR performance drivers such as employee satisfaction, employee turnover, absenteeism in attempting to demonstrate their strategic influence as well as the difficulty in measuring HR’s actual contribution to overall mission and strategy.  It recommends the need for holistic business performance measurement indicators that promote value addition and places premium on HR as a function within the organization.

Keywords: Business Performance, HR Deliverables, Measurement