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Public Pension Asset and Investment in Housing Infrastructure: Rethinking the Safety-Equity Net in Nigeria (Published)

Infrastructure has become asset class for private investors, most notably through public pension funds but accessing the funds poses challenges. Conditions for accessing pension funds for investment include guarantee for safety of funds and equity in the distribution of investment returns by the investors. This paper is designed to test the relationships between investment in housing infrastructure and safety-equity factor in Nigeria’s public pension funds management. The research design was based on ex post facto method of analysis. from primary and secondary sources of data which were drawn from legislative Acts/gazettes, guidelines, books, journals, conference, workshop and seminar papers, newspapers, statistical tables and the internet. The outcomes of this study showed that public pension funds have strong relationships with safety of funds and equity returns factor, among other key elements necessary to grow and sustain public pension contract. These findings open vista for future intellectual architecture-building in the field of pension funds administration.  

Keywords: Housing Infrastructure., Investment, Public Pension Asset