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Do Contextual Factors Matter in the Adoption Of Proactive Environmental Management Practices in Hotels? The Manager’s Perspective (Published)

The aim of this study is to investigate the proactive environmental management practices by graded hotels in Sri Lanka and how these practices vary according to hotel ownership, size and star category. The study used stratified random sampling and the sample consisted of 314 managers from graded hotels in Sri Lanka. Using a self- administrated questionnaire, the data of this study was collected from hotel managers and owners from different categories of hotels. The results of t-test and analysis of variance suggest that proactive environmental management practices of hotels vary by hotel category, size and ownership. More precisely, chain- owned, higher- graded (5-4 star) and medium- sized hotels were at the forefront of the adoption of proactive environmental management practices.

Keywords: Sri Lanka, hotel grade, hotel ownership, hotel size, proactive environmental management practices