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An Analysis on the Impact of the Usage of Fidelio Opera Property Management System in Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja (Published)

This research work on the analysis of the impact of the usage of Fidelio Opera property management system in Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja is to investigate the impact that Fidelio Opera property management system made since its application in the hotel under study. It was based on this fact that research questions were develop with the aim of finding out if this property management system in question has actually helped the hotel under study by making available and accessible the required data for its daily transactions and consequently improve service delivery for the delivery of best services to guests. Literature on existing theories as regards to this research work were reviewed in order to bring to our knowledge what people’s view about what property management system is and in particular what Fidelio Opera property management system is all about as the conclusion and recommendations were deduced from already existing theories and finding from the research.In order to carry out the works stated above, the researcher adopted the qualitative research method of questionnaire and in-depth interview, research approach and philosophy were also treated. Descriptive and interpretative analysis were used, there was also the use of bar chart, tables, mean and mode were employed in the statistical analysis of data collected from this research work. Finally, conclusion and recommendations were drawn based on findings and existing theories.

Keywords: Fidelio Opera, Hospitality Sector, Property Management Systems., hotel management.

Diagnostics of Customer Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry: Evidence from Nigeria (Published)

Nigeria in the last few decades has experienced a tremendous growth in the number of public and private hotels. The biggest challenge in today’s competitive business environment is how to retain customers and ensure customer loyalty. Also, Guest relationships in the hotel industry are strategic assets of the organization and customer satisfaction becomes the starting points to defining business objectives. The study therefore analyzed the indices of customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry in Nigeria. The research analyzed the significance of key factors that determine customer satisfaction. A structured questionnaire on staff performance, cost, hotel facilities, environment and porn accessibility was developed and used to collect information from the study sample. The structured questionnaire was administered to 400 respondents purposively. Descriptive statistics and regression analysis were used to analyze the data. The result showed that cost, hotel environment, hotel facilities and income respectively were seen to have a strong impact on customer satisfaction at 5% level of significance, while staff performance seems significant at 10%. There was a relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction. The study makes a significant contribution to the service quality management literature because few empirical studies are available dealing with this aspect of the hotel management in Nigeria. It would also help service providers in the hotel industry to understand aspects of service variables that need urgent improvement.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Hospitality, Regression Model, Service Quality, hotel management.