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Contribution of Home Gardening to Family Food Security in Delta North Agricultural Zone, Delta State, Nigeria (Published)

This study examined the contribution of home gardening to family food security in Delta north agricultural zone of Delta State, Nigeria. The minor objectives were to: determine the type of home gardening people practiced, establish crops people produce in the home garden and determine the contribution of home garden to the family food security. A sample size of 174 respondents was used   for the study. Data was collected with the use of questionnaire. Analysis of data was done using means, percentages and frequency. The results showed that they practiced improved home gardening .and produced many types of crops, about 16. The most popular crops were maize (64.4%), cassava (58%), pumpkin (52.9%), yam (48.3%) and okro (40.8%). Hypothesis test result showed a positive significant relationship between home gardening and household food security status. The study established that home gardening does not only contribute to their house hold food supply but also their income. It is therefore important to sensitize people to utilize empty plots around their home for home gardens.

Keywords: Family and Food Security, Home Gardening