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The Effect of Holistic and Discrete Tasks on English Writing Performance of Students with Different Learning Styles (Published)

This factorial experimental study investigated the effect of tasks (holistic dan discret) and learning styles (visual, auditory, dan kinaesthetic) on students’ English Writing Performance (EWP). The experiment applied factorial design 2×3 with amount of sample 150 students taken randomly stratified from three junior high schools at Buton Regency, Indonesian during school-year 2014/2015. The research hypotheses were tested using two ways of analysis of variance and continued with Tuckey test. The results of the research revealed that: (1) EWP of students given holistic tasks was higher than EWP of students given discrete tasks; (2) statistically, there was no significant difference on EWP of visual students, auditory students, and kinaesthetic students; (3) there was any interaction effect on giving tasks and learning styles on students’ EWP; (4) visual students given holistic tasks reached higher EWP than those given discrete tasks; (5) auditory students given discrete tasks attained higher EWP than those given holistic tasks; and (6) kinaesthetic students given holistic tasks achieved  higher EWP than those given discrete tasks.

Keywords: Discrete, Task, Writing Performance, holistic, learning styles