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Architectural Strategies Used In Hindu Temples to Emphasize Sacredness (Published)

This study examines the facet of “sacredness” of the Hindu temple with respect to its physical attributes and spatial arrangement. These contribute to enhancing the feeling of “sacredness” and help the worshipper focus on the sacredness within the temple, in contrast to the surrounding “profaneness”. This is achieved through two main aspects: of segregation from the world outside the temple, and increasing concentration of thought towards the object of worship. These are accomplished with the application of several architectural strategies. The devotee encounters these through his pedestrian pilgrimage, from the entrance of the temple up to his final confrontation with the deity in the innermost sanctum. Thus, a certain kind of behaviour and emotions may be seen as induced due to the spatial composition of the temple’s architecture which engenders an attitude of contemplation within the worshipper. This paper examines the architectural strategies used in order to achieve the two main aspects used to influence the devotee’s attitude towards worship and support the perception of the Hindu temple as “sacred”.

Keywords: Architecture, Focus, Hindu Temple, Sacred, Segregation., Spatial Elements