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Sandwich Programme Enrolment: Policy and Management Implications for Ghanaian Higher Education (Published)

The current study used survey approach to examine sandwich masters students views on factors influencing their decision to enrol in educational administration and management programme at a teacher university in Ghana. Randomisation technique was used in selecting 131 samples from 161second-year session students of the programme with 51% males and 49% female participants with urban students dominating the samples in the study. Questionnaires and open-ended items were used to solicit students’ views that allowed for the use of inferential and interpretivists’ data analysis techniques. Hence, applying logistic and multiple regressions as well as frequency counts, two hypotheses were tested and the results showed that student’ perceptions of their own circumstances and institutional constraints explained 19.4% of variance in decisions to engage with their current programme of study. Also, institutional (GES) factors showed statistical significant difference between male and female students with the odd ratio of 1.12 higher for males than females. Consequently, the study concludes that students’ decisions to study on the educational administration and management programme were significantly related to their employers’ policy and the admission constraints such as faculty attitudes and teaching and living resources. Implications for managerial policy review were discussed in the paper.

Keywords: Educational Policy, Gender, higher education management