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Application of Cognitive Diagnostic Model in Assessment of Basic Electricity Practical Skills Proficiency among Physics Education Undergraduates in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (Published)

Generalized deterministic input noisy and gate (GDINA) model is a sub-set of cognitive diagnostic model which is used for item calibration and diagnosis. The use of GDINA for measurement of skills or concepts mastery has been synonymous with multiple-choice items. This study applied the GDINA model for mastery measurement of basic hierarchical Physics practical skills. The data collected and the final skills’ matrix were analyzed using GDINA package version 1.4.2 in open source R software version 3.4.3 via R-Studio version 1.0.153. The results showed that: (i) the undergraduates exhibited a fairly good mastery of the items in the test. (ii) the skill of manipulating the voltage source needed improvement.(iii) the items in the test fit the GDINA model. It was recommended that Physics Education lecturers should spend more of their instructional time to practical in lieu of theory to further boost the undergraduates’ skill/item mastery level in Physics.

Keywords: GDINA model, calibration and diagnosis, hierarchy, physics, practical skills