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MHD Forced Convection in a Horizontal Double Passage with Uniform Wall Heat Flux (Published)

The MHD forced convection in a horizontal double – passage with uniform wall heat flux has been studied by taking into account the effect of magnetic parameter . The flow of the fluid is assumed to be laminar, two – dimensional, steady and fully developed. The fluid is incompressible and the physical properties are constants. The walls are kept at uniform heat fluxes. A uniform magnetic field  is applied and is assumed undisturbed as the induced magnetic field is neglected by assuming small Reynolds number .The solutions of the velocity profiles   and the temperature profiles   are obtained analytically. It is pointed out that the effect of MHD forced convection in a horizontal double – passage enhances the effect of flow at the passage 2 than passage 1.

Keywords: Convection, Heat Flux, Magneto Hydrodynamic (MHD), Reynolds Number