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Medical Peace Education: An Antidote to Conflict Incidence in Healthcare Settings (Published)

Extant literature reveals that conflict is ubiquitous in healthcare institutions, and constitutes a major stumbling block in the achievement of their objectives. This is because doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other shades of workers confront different forms of conflicts that often endanger their potentials to adequately discharge their duties. While health personnel suffer severely from conflict, the brunt of its effects is borne by patients. Based on this, medical peace education is considered as a veritable programme that can stem the tide of conflicts in the health system. The idea of medical peace education arises from the fact that it encapsulates values that will engender and promote peace amongst healthcare providers and consumers. This will empower them to peacefully resolve their differences instead of resorting to violent means, which may distort the whole process of achieving set goals. Therefore, the issues analysed in this review include conflict and the nature of conflict in healthcare settings, as well as the causes and consequences of conflict in the system. In addition, the term “medical peace education” was conceptualised with its importance expatiated. Thus, this study brought to the fore the potency of medical peace education as the real antidote for conflict, because it will ensure that health practitioners constructively mitigate conflict for their good and smooth operations of the system.

Keywords: Conflict, Peace Education, healthcare system, medical peace education