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Investigation of Particulate Matter Concentrations at Wood-Based Burnt Brick Sites in Benue State, Nigeria (Published)

Burning of wood globally produces more particulate matter (PM) than fossil fuels and this could pollute the environment and result in serious human ill-health The study assessed particulate matter concentrations in eight purposively selected Local Government Areas (LGAs] of Benue State. Two brick sites were selected in each of the eight sampled LGAs. Particulate matter (PM) concentrations were monitored for two years (2012 and 2013), using CROWCON Gasman Digital Particulate Meters. The study revealed that concentrations of particulate matter were significantly much higher during the dry season compared to wet season concentrations. The increased dry season concentrations of particulate matter coincided with the season of burnt brick production in the dry season. The study recommends the development, enforcement and monitoring of air quality guidelines on PM especially for industries at levels to reduce health risks to a minimum.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Health Impact, Particulate Matter, Wood-based burnt brick